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The Golden Smile

Natural Nugget Golden Smile

The Golden Smile is a magnificient piece of natural nugget artwork. Created from natural gold nuggets, all from the local goldfields, solid 9 carat yellow gold wire, and solid 9ct yellow gold chain.

This very unique piece was made into stunning jewellery by Cordell Kent using his (space age) laser welder, and a hole lot of artistic and technical skill.

The piece was made in one sitting, and all the nuggets are laser welded to the ones next to them. It is hard to see from this image, but the profile of
the nuggets is convex; they have been placed and laser welded to bowl outwards, and back to the edges. The laser welder has used the power of intense focused light to 'spot weld' the nuggets and the surrounding frame together, with welds of down to 0.2mm made possible. No solder at all was
used in the manufacture of this fine piece of gold nugget jewellery. It is a sensational piece to wear out to a function, or when doing the dishes.
It represents 400 million year old, high quality natural gold nuggets, combined with space age laser technology and the creative and artistic 'eye' of the manufacturer.

It is very reasonably valued at AUD $1,895.00